Atempo-Digital Archive (ADA) case study


             Envy Post Production, London

 ENVY is a full service, end-to-end post production facility offering streamlined and flexible workflows to facilitate almost any broadcast requirement. ENVY specializes in long-form broadcasts and also short-form advertising.

They work across a vast array of documentaries, drama ...

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Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Atempo Live Navigator

Why should I consider using Live Navigator? 

Live Navigator reaches parts that other backup solutions do not always reach: endpoint machine file backups. How many of your company laptops and workstations have critical files which are unprotected or protected sporadically. 

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Live Navigator, the new future of Live Backup

The release of Live Navigator 4.0 in late 2017, introducing Bare Metal Restore (BMR) functionality enabling you to restore a complete machine including system, applications and data, marks the last step of the transfer of Live Backup features to Live Navigator.

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According to the National Cyber Security Centre, cyber-criminality is on the rise and companies should prepare for “when" not "if”.

Our high-tech world is a playground for data bandits, threatening and disrupting our businesses.

Wanna Cry, Trojan Horses, I Love You, Psychedelic Worms...  don't let them run riot in your enterprise.  And play this video (if you dare)!
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Atempo-Digital Archive (ADA) case study


"Le Labo" is a Paris-based post-production company for media and entertainment creations for cinema, television and documentaries. Their expertise ranges from processing rushes to mastering films, including online editing and calibration. Since its creation, the company's ambition has been to offer the same high-end quality ...

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Atempo’s GDPR-ready data protection suites

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will, as of May 25th 2018, govern how organizations manage customer data privacy and data protection. GDPR is major EU legislation with many far- reaching impacts for all. Stiff financial penalties of up to 4% of company turnover (limited to €20 million) will encourage public and private entities to abide by ...

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Backup, move and synchronize petabye-scale data sets

Atempo-Digital Archive (ADA) software has evolved to cover requirements for users with petabyte-scale data sets. What we call the “petavores”. We often showcase our references for ADA customers - in the media, the film industry for example- having very large if not massive data sets. But did you know that these ADA customers often also use ...

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