Miria: NAS backup for "PETA-vores"

Backup, move and synchronize petabye-scale data sets

Miria software has evolved to cover requirements for users with petabyte-scale data sets. What we call the “petavores”. We often showcase our references for Miria customers - in industry, HPC (High Performance Computing), the Media and Entertainment sector for example- having very large if not massive data sets. But did you know that these customers often also use it for backups or for data moving activities between storages?


User interface


The good news for existing and new customers is that we have enhanced the data moving engine at the heart of Miria to provide more powerful multi-threading capacity and enhanced load-balancing. Your unstructured data can be moved and protected at all times even if you change your storage vendor.

What happens is that each agent sets off several flows/threads from the source to target storage. The Miria server distributes the load based on the requested job and manages data flows by ensuring agents remain active and that maximum I/O storage capacities are not exceeded.

We have also boosted Miria's backup capacities with a rapid scan feature targeting large volume scale-out NAS and GPFS. Miria handles NAS snapshots to detect modified or created files and performs rapid scans for deleted files. This new feature is called FastScan and it wears its name well!

When you couple this with data movement multiplexing, it makes Miria a formidable incremental backup engine which can handle petabyte storage for any file size and type. It’s quick, very quick! FastScan technology is also now available for Isilon and Qumulo NAS and large GPFS and Lustre storages.

If you'd like to learn more about what we do, we can recommend reading "The Secret behind Successful Peta-scale Isilon NAS Backups".

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