Atempo Live Navigator (Lina) case study - Barchester Healthcare, UK

"Atempo support is great, the products are great" Andy G., Barchester Healthcare IT Manager, Inverness, Scotland.


Barchester Healthcare is one of the UK’s largest quality care providers delivering high quality care services to more than 11,000 people in over 200 homes across Great Britain.

The level of care provided to ...

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Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Atempo Live Navigator

Why should I consider using Live Navigator? 

Live Navigator reaches parts that other backup solutions do not always reach: endpoint machine file backups. How many of your company laptops and workstations have critical files which are unprotected or protected sporadically. 

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Live Navigator, the new future of Live Backup

The release of Live Navigator 4.0 in late 2017, introducing Bare Metal Restore (BMR) functionality enabling you to restore a complete machine including system, applications and data, marks the last step of the transfer of Live Backup features to Live Navigator.

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