Curtain call for Live Backup. Live Navigator takes to the stage

Live Navigator, the new future of Live Backup

The release of Live Navigator 4.0 in late 2017, introducing Bare Metal Restore (BMR) functionality enabling you to restore a complete machine including system, applications and data, marks the last step of the transfer of Live Backup features to Live Navigator.

Atempo Live Navigator

Live Navigator is designed to provide the best data and endpoint machine protection solution for remote sites, workstations, and mobile laptops. Live Navigator was born from the marriage of Live Backup's Continuous Data Protection features and the proven Time Navigator's deduplication technologies. It combines a great ease of use for end users as well as the power of Time Navigation (Tina) for the most demanding users.

With the launch of Live Navigator 4.0, all Live Backup customers can now benefit from this new technology.

Atempo announces today the end of life and the end of support for Live Backup:

  • June 2018: End of life (the version can no longer be downloaded/installed)
  • December 2018: End of support (incidents can no longer be opened with support team)

Live Navigator vs. Live Backup

The added benefits Live Navigator brings you:

  • Extended platform support for the latest macOS and Windows versions (including Windows 2016 and Windows 10), and support for Linux machines
  • File server protection
  • Synology NAS backup agent
  • Greater protection management flexibility that can be fully defined by the administrator or left to the discretion of the user, with ultimate control left to the administrator
  • User-initiated self-service recovery very easy to use: by right-clicking in the file explorer, through an assistant, or through our famous "Time Navigation" for advanced users
  • Replication of the Live Navigator server, from n to 1 for remote sites, or from 1 to 1 to allow for the recovery of data centers.
  • Scalability, as our solution can now protects agents or file servers with terabytes of data.
  • Multiple deduplication: source-side at agent level and between agents, and global at the repository level, for all types of data (user documents, applications, and system).

You have everything to gain by migrating from Live Backup to Live Navigator in terms of functionality. Live Navigator also offers you a lower total cost of purchase (TCO) because the MS SQL Server license is no longer necessary.

Are you a Live Backup client?

Atempo can help you define the best migration process for Live Backup to Live Navigator.


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