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Back up all laptops and workstations with Lina (Lina)

Why should I consider using Lina? 

Lina reaches parts that other backup solutions do not always reach: endpoint machine file backups. How many of your company laptops and workstations have critical files which are unprotected or protected sporadically. 


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How awkward, not to say costly, would it be if your CTO, CFO or CEO lost their laptop at the airport priori to a crucial investor meeting?

Lina checks all the boxes when it comes to closing out all data protection needs:

  • Servers protected? Check!
  • VMs protected? Check!
  • Critical Apps protected? Check!
  • File Servers and NAS protected? Check.
  • Laptops, workstations, remote sites fully protected? Read on! 

How does the protection work?

Lina (Live Navigator) performs an initial backup of all selected files. After that, only new or modified files are protected. Any changes to a file are picked up by Lina and sent to the backup storage destination. The backup engine is very powerful and manages block-level changes. This means storage and network bottlenecks are a thing of the past. 

How is the data stored?

The Lina server stores data on any disk-based storage, NAS or SAN. Backed-up data is deduplicated at source. Deduplication rates vary but in our experience rates of 10:1 or higher are not uncommon. In other words, if you have 10 GB of data to protect, only 1 GB of this data will be stored. Identical blocks from other backups are reused and these shared common blocks enable storage space reduction.

What machines are concerned by Lina?

Lina protects all endpoint machines including laptops (onsite and offsite), workstations and also file servers and Synology NAS devices. Laptops connected via a public internet connection can also be backed up with a reverse proxy.

How many machines can I protect?

Generally speaking each lina (Lina) server protects up to 2,000 endpoints. Larger deployments can scale up of course with additional server units. We have clients managing over 10,000 machines in their pool of backed-up machines. Lina also lets you be selective concerning your file selections. You can set quotas, impose file inclusions/exclusions and directory-level restrictions as you wish.

Do I need to install agents on each endpoint?

Yes. Each machine has an agent. For large-scale installations, Atempo teams use GPO mass deployment agents or silent installation scripts. For software updates we also use an automated mechanism which pushes the new version out to each protected machine.

What about administration tasks? 

We’ve made things as simple as possible for the administrator. You can manage and supervise backups from a single interface. And you can allow users to recover their own data and use global or group quotas which make your life simple. Once installed and configured, Lina basically runs itself as a background task and lets you get on with other things! 

How do restorations work?

Restorations are typically managed autonomously by your users. They can restore their own files (and only these files) using three different techniques:

  • Using a restoration wizard which guides the user to the file(s) they need and lets them select the version and the restoration location.
  • Via the Time Navigation interface.
  • Simply right-clicking and restoring the file from a Windows Explorer.

Can I externalize my backups for additional security?

Yes. Lina can replicate backup contents from one site to another either for the complete server or for specific agents. This enables restoration for some or all protected endpoints.

And if I lose the complete machine, I only get to recover the files, right?

Wrong! Lina has full Bare Metal Restore capability. We can restore a complete machine – system, application and data! This is particularly useful when it comes to restoring lost or stolen laptops but also cloning laptop contents of even archiving laptop contents to a compressed format for example.

We run MAC MOJAVE on WORKSTATIONS and Windows 2016 for our file servers

Not a problem. Lina runs on most major OS – Windows of course but also Linux and Mac OS. We also have agents specifically for Synology NAS devices.

I work in reasearch, far from a "100% Windows" environment. Can you help?

Yes. The Lina server can run on a Linux machine. This server can then back up Linux, Windows and Mac OS environment plus Synology NAS.

The backup windows for my file servers are reaching breaking point, what can Lina do to help?

With continuous data protection (CDP), the days of interminable backup windows are behind you! Your files are backed up continually and there is no need to perform additional full backups. Also, our deduplication engine only sends unique blocks of data over the network which reduces pressure on your bandwidth and storage requirements.

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