DiRAC on HPC Backup and Archiving with Atempo Miria

DiRAC (Distributed Research Utilizing Advanced Computing) deployed Atempo Miria in 2018 to protect and manage very large amounts of HPC cosmological data generated by local and remote teams of research scientists. 

We talked to Dr Alastair Basden, Technical Lead for DiRAC at Durham University, UK. He explained how Atempo enables teams to back up and archive critical research data sets.

"We have large cosmological data sets and simulations that we run. We need to store the output of these simulations for further analysis [...] It's an international system used by teams worldwide each with their own code and software stacks."

In this short video, Alastair walks us through DiRAC research teams requirements in terms of data backup and long-term archival and how Atempo Miria has successfully handled the very high data volume workloads since its installation and deployment.

Dr Alastair Basden, Technical Lead for DiRAC at Durham University explains how Miria manages DiRAC petascale archiving requirements

"With Miria we not only back up the user home space, we also use a large tape library to archive our large cosmological data sets."

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Dirac deploys Miria

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