Atempo Time Navigator - complete cyberattack protection - VIDEO

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, cyber-criminality is on the rise and companies should prepare for “when" not "if”.

Our high-tech world is a playground for data bandits, threatening and disrupting our businesses.

Wanna Cry, Trojan Horses, I Love You, Psychedelic Worms... don't let them run riot in your enterprise.  And play this video (if you dare)!

Don’t be afraid.  Go back in time with Atempo-Time Navigator's 3-click restore feature!

Protect, store and move your data with Time Navigator

Time Navigator provides petascale protection for all Windows, Linux, macOS plus major UNIX platforms and also IBM iSeries. With hot backup and recovery options for leading databases, popular messaging systems and ERP applications. Includes support for numerous storage targets including SAN, NAS, tape libraries, VTLs and deduplication storage.

Advanced high-performing protection for physical and virtual environments including VMware, Hyper-V, Huawei FusionCompute and Citrix XenServer infrastructures.

Interested in a Time Navigator demo? Click on the button below!

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