Short Q&A session about Miria Scalability

Short Q&A Video session about Miria Scalability

Express Q&A session with Mike Oakes, Senior pre-sales at Atempo, on Miria and Scalability. In this 3 minutes video, Mike is answering four questions regarding Miria, and the topic of scalability:

  • Miria key components are: the Miria Server and its Data Movers. What are their respective roles?
  • Miria Data Movers perform the actual data movement. Any specific requirements in terms of network or connectivity?
  • What kind of throughput, can you get from each Data Mover?
  • Does the number of Data Movers impact the price of the Miria solution? 

3 mins Q&A session on Miria Scalability

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Topics: Data moving, Migration, Products, Miria, Scalability

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