3 reasons for keeping an on-premise backup solution

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Cloud storage offers are gaining ground. But keeping data on premises remains a very pertinent choice. A hybrid model (mix between the cloud and a local hosting) allows organizations to store and access their data from their own servers without depending on third parties or uncertain network availability.

Here are 3 reasons why keeping data locally is always relevant, and sometimes a better choice than a SaaS solution.


Data recovery from the cloud can be long. It can also be costly. Network latencies and throughput issues may cause unacceptable delays. Choosing an on-premise solution allows an organization to keep a close hand on their data because the solution is installed on in-house servers and all hardware is managed by internal teams. Having data locally allows quick recovery, while saving money after an unplanned incident. This is a key criterion for some businesses, particularly those having to process large volumes of data. 


Some organizations hold critical data that cannot be stored in the cloud. Banks, insurance companies or public organizations are particularly concerned about this. Entities that host personal data such as health services (public or private) must be able to prove that data is secure, confidential and accessible. By keeping their data in their own infrastructures, organizations retain full responsibility for their security and confidentiality. There is a lower possibility of data being shared -legally or illegally- with third parties.


Sectors that require a high level of security and confidentiality, such as the health sector, simply cannot store data in the cloud. Choosing an on-premise solution ensures that locally-stored data meets regulatory constraints.

There are many other advantages to justify the choice of a on-premise solution: the capacity to operate without internet, independence from a cloud provider, greater control over data, etc. Despite the popularity of cloud storage, on-premise solutions are a great option for many businesses and have adapted successfully to changing needs. Companies should always choose a solution according to their own specificities.

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