Atempo | Wasabi - Cloud Backup Webinar


Atempo and Wasabi have combined their expertise to create an extremely competitive cloud backup solution for physical and virtual servers, applications, and databases:

  • Protect your backups in the Wasabi cloud - more efficient, affordable and easier to use than the competition and just as secure!
  • Complete turnkey protection solution for your entire infrastructure (physical and virtual servers, applications, databases, Office 365, ...)
  • Total storage cost control

Discover for yourself the advantages of the Atempo-Wasabi Cloud Backup Solution in the complete recording of our joint webinar on 7th April 2021.

On this session:

  • Who are Atempo?
  • Who are Wasabi?
  • What's at stake for your data?
  • Our solution: Tina & Wasabi
  • Demonstration: Quick Start
  • Q&A

Click here to view the session:


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