Webinar Catch-Up: Atempo Miria at ISC2020 Digital Event


Webinar Topic: Intelligent unstructured data management solution for hpc environments

In this session fully dedicated to High Performance Computing and Big Data usages recorded for ISC2020 digital edition, Pascal Potier, Atempo's VP Engineering is focusing on real-life concrete HPC Data Management use cases:

    1. A 10 PB backup scenario involving Isilon and GPFS storages
    2. An archiving scenario with a +20PB Lustre platform

This month we have announced Miria's full support for Lustre distributed file systems along with other new capabilities/functionalities.

The session covers many challenges of Big Data migration between hybrid storages and the benefits of using Miria for Migration to move and consolidate storages.

- Duration: 22mn
Keywords: Lustre, FastScan, Unstructured data, GPFS Miria

The video below is the complete recording of the webinar 

Data volumes generated by scientific research labs are growing at over 30% per year and most of this data must be preserved for future analysis. Also, it is increasingly necessary to move huge amounts of data between different tiers to ensure optimal security and to keep storage costs down to a minimum.

These new challenges require HPC organizations to define or redefine their approaches and workflows constantly. To help companies who with Lustre data management issues, Atempo introduces a new approach with its Miria software solution which efficiently moves, synchronizes, protects, archives and migrates very large amounts of data.

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Topics: Backup, Migration, Petascale protection, Miria, Webinars, lustre

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