Air Gap : shelter your data from cyberthreats


With the current spectacular rise in the number of crypto-viruses and ransomware, protecting your critical data with "air gap" backups is no longer an option. It's a hard and fast necessity.

Creating a physical barrier between your primary data sets and your backups and archives is a guarantee that no data is deleted, altered or destroyed

An air gap storage can be defined as a complete absence of IS (information system) interconnections. Cyber criminals cannot access data which is not connected to a network!

A backup policy based only on data replication or network-attached backup does not prevent the risk of cyber-attacks. The 3-2-1 backup rule recommends having three copies of one data set on at least two other supports, including one which is off site. This could be an externalized tape library or glacier-like cloud storage.

Atempo data protection and data management solutions stand out with their exceptionally broad air-gap compatibility. Click here to talk to one of our experts today! 

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