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We met with Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management at Atempo, on the occasion of the announcement of the new Atempo partnership with Microsoft Azure that aims to facilitate data migration from on-premises or even cloud storage to Azure and had the opportunity to ask him to present the service to us:

Louis, why this announcement now?

Louis: This partnership with Microsoft Azure facilitates data migration to Azure. It allows us to anticipate enterprises’ demands. The nature of storage purchases has changed in the last two or three years. Companies are increasingly relying on cloud storage to retain their file data. Today, the purchase of disks or SSDs still prevails, but the inflection point is approaching and soon they will buy more cloud storage than physical storage.

If customers were last year mostly using the cloud to "soak up the overflow" of their on-site storage, we observe today that many of our clients managing massive amounts of data have the project to replace their central storage with one or multiple cloud storage. This trend is confirmed in various sectors such as industry research, HPC centers as well as in M&E, and in finance.

These projects implying massive file transfers of data to the cloud are now considered by our clients without stress: they know Miria, they have made some experimentations, and have the assurance their needs are covered in terms of data security and integrity. Their only uncertainty is now about the budget associated with these huge migrations. This partnership with Microsoft perfectly meets customers' expectations by allowing them to have full control of their migration budget.shema

Question: What are the benefits of using Miria to migrate to Azure?

Using Miria's file migration software to move data to Azure provides customers with a hassle-free and cost-free migration solution to Azure. The solution includes analytics to identify the data sets to be migrated and to make it easier to choose the target Azure platform. Once configured, files are migrated while ensuring complete data integrity.

Once the migration is done, as Miria is an evolving platform, it is very easy to deploy other Miria services, such as archiving or backup, to further reduce data management costs and facilitate their organization.

Miria offers a very safe and accessible choice for self-migration of massive volumes of unstructured data. The solution is designed for quick implementation, rapid scalability, and openness to all storage types (NAS, cloud or object storages) and to avoid vendor lock-in at storage level.

This program allows for the safe transfer of large volumes of business data or massive HPC data to Azure: costs are controlled, data migration is fully secured by Atempo's expertise and by this partnership.


For more information: Miria Free File Migration to Azure


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