Use cases: HPC Workflows for the Energy Sector

Sarah Mason


Atempo has been working with customers in the energy sector all over the globe, for 30 years. We understand complex data flows. Atempo can handle critical needs; protecting, preserving, securing and future-proofing all datasets.

Miria, Atempo's data management solution, enables customers to Backup, Archive, Migrate, Move and Analyze their data all-in-one single user interface. 


Here's some examples of how we are helping clients in the Energy sector.


Trident Energy is an international company focused on the acquisition, operation and optimization of international mid-life oil and gas assets. Trident Energy is present, notably in Africa and Latin America. As a company focused on redeveloping mid-life oil and gas assets, they need to manage legacy applications and modernize the existing IT infrastructure of acquired platforms step by step.

For Trident Energy, data is critical for the operation of the platform, and if any of their data is lost and/or attacked, they lose money. Backups are imperative and required (per insurance regulations) including, having a copy stored on another media.

Atempo provided multiple solutions: backup and protection with Tina and a data management specifically data migration with Miria.

  • Qumulo NAS storage used to store hundreds of TBs of data:
    • Geological diagrams,
    • 3D representations of well data and rock layers.

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Use Case: Archiving from multiple NAS to cloud

Our customer had two critical needs to address:

  • Long-term preservation of their data and,
  • Legal requirement to maintain it securely and accessibly. 

Our customers are leveraging Miria's web interface to select their compute projects and results, and transfer them securely to the archive. This process allows them to add metadata to simplify search and retrieval of their project in the future.

By law they are required to keep the data, unchanged for 50 years or more. Miria is configured to use immutable cloud storage as the archive, meaning the data is written once and cannot be changed after using the WORM technique (Write Once Read Many).

This specific customer's data is incredibly expensive to produce but critically important because analyzing it allows for better decision making for future growth, optimization and differentiation.


Use Case: Cloud Migration from multiple different sources

Unforeseen circumstances forced our customer to make an immediate, abrupt change to their data management process. Critically, they needed to:

  • Migrate from multiple, shared sources quickly
  • Zero disruption to their production workflow 

The data stored on their storage arrays includes a mix of geological exploratory data, drilling data, and underground intelligence. This information is stored across dozens of shares and exports that all need to be swiftly migrated with associated user rights to the new storage location.

Atempo stepped in and seamlessly migrated their data from five different storage arrays including, Dell EMC Isilon and others to Microsoft Azure. Their IT and production teams were able to continue working without interruption. 

Is your data center considering hybrid solutions including a move to the cloud? Read our White Paper "Hybrid and Multi-cloud Storage: Opportunities and risks"

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