When backup windows are too short for petabyte-scale protection

Managing massive unstructured data sets

Managing massive unstructured data sets in excess of 100 TB is today becoming increasingly common. And higher up the scale, new members are joining the petabyte club every day. Unfortunately for some, protecting large volumes is simply no longer possible. Too much data and too many files mean that many simply rely on data replication with little or no actual backup history.

For many organizations it is clear that NDMP backup technology has served its time. 

Atempo on the rise of unstructured data sets

This backup protocol begins to hit a ceiling at around 100 TB. Sometimes even lower if there are tens or hundreds of millions of files to protect. Additional machine and network resources can buy you some time but the reality is that sooner or later a more permanent fix is required.

In other words, the daily backup window cannot handle even incremental backups

Here at Atempo, we believe ceilings exist to be broken. And our large volume backup solutions are entirely free from the restraints of NDMP. Atempo unlocks the power of a genuine incremental forever approach plushighly parallelized data handling using our FastScan technology.

In a nutshell, this means we:

    • Perform a single initial full backup and then only incrementals thereafter.
    • Scale and deploy the right number of Data Movers each able to transfer several TBs/hour.
    • Run FastScan file system checks for changed, new and deleted files ensuring the scan is never a bottleneck. Even very sizeable incremental backups run perfectly.
    • Create many point-in-time snapshots of your data allowing easy file retrieval, archiving, disaster recovery and more.

As an added bonus, our solutions are vendor agnostic with a vast choice of backup storage destinations: disk, object, cloud, tape. We adapt to your infrastructure – not the other way around!

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