Atempo Miria for Migration - Webinar Catch-Up: Configuration and Monitoring Demo

Topic: Atempo Miria for Migration - How to configure and monitor a storage migration project

This session covers all configuration and monitoring steps for a storage migration project using Miria For Migration interfaces: from the initial configuration, to the launch and monitoring of the migration of data. The session focuses on the use of the new Miria solution interfaces.

- Duration: 45mn

- Demonstration: Step-by-step configuration of a migration project using Miria for Migration interfaces; High-level and job level monitoring of migration progress.

Keywords: Migration, FastScan, Unstructured data, Miria


The video below is the complete recording of the webinar 


This session covers the interfaces of the Miria for Migration solution to implement a migration project between two repositories and shows the following steps: 

  • Selecting of source and target storage,
  • Adding Miria Data Movers and selecting network protocols,
  • Configuring access to storage,
  • Creation of project and migration tasks,
  • Selecting the files/folders to migrate by browsing the source storage filesystem,
  • Selecting the migration target by browsing the filesystem of the targeted storage,
  • Description of the available options (inclusion / exclusion, synchronization mode, programming, job parallelization, ...)
  • Launching and supervision of the migration task,
  • Monitoring of tasks and associated jobs.

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Topics: Backup, Migration, Petascale protection, Miria, Webinars

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