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All treats no tricks for your data


Atempo is taking advantage of Halloween to give a quick reminder about good practices for protecting your business data. 

Since the beginning of 2019, companies have been facing a wave of unprecedented cyberattacks. 

French economic newspaper, Les Echos, is relaying a report made by Aon, an insurance broker, who indicates that not only the cyber-incidents of the first 6 months of the year are higher compared to the years 2015 and 2016 entire, but that the severity of the losses is also increasing. 

On the recommendation side, it is, of course, necessary to reinforce your anti-intrusion protections (corporate firewall, email protections, ...) and to train your users, once again, on password management good practices.

On top of this, you must also consider investing in the resilience of your data protection solution by strengthening its perimeter: 

  • Lengthening your retention time – This will certainly have a cost in term of storage, but with a good backup solution providing built-in deduplication it will be quickly under control, 
  • Externalizing a copy of your backups once a month is a minimum – this is still a must-have part of your post-disaster recovery plan, 
  • Creating a recovery plan if you do not already have one, and if you have one, testing it at least twice a year.  

That’s it! - You can enjoy your Halloween sweets peacefully! 


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