Atempo Miria - Webinar Catch-Up: Backup & Migration for high capacity storages in 4 use cases


Topic: Atempo MIRIA - Backup and Migration for Peta scale STORAGES

- Duration: 38mn - Customer cases: File storage migration between storage vendors, Backup for billion of very small files and large files.
Keywords: Migration, DellEMC  Isilon, Qumulo, FastScan, Unstructured data, , Miria

This webinar describes Atempo Miria Backup and Migration benefits through 4 different uses cases:

  1. Backup of an DellEMC Isilon cluster - 1PB
  2. Backup of a DDN GPFS 2PB storage having 3 billion of files (both large and very small)
  3. Migration of a DellEMC Isilon cluster to a Qumulo cluster with approx. 20 million files
  4. Migration of cluster having more then 900 million of files and 20 NFS shares to Qumulo

Here is the full webinar replay:

Key topics: 

  • How long would it take to migrate the content from my existing storage to a newer, more powerful NAS and why Miria can help to have a clean cutover?
  • Can I back up billions of files and ensure full Disaster Recovery with the same tool?
  • How do I restore rapidly very large data volumes?
  • Can I protect or migrate millions of files, folders and links between two storage platforms of a different vendor or different technology?

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Topics: Backup, Migration, Petascale protection, Miria, Webinars


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