Atempo Talks Tech - Managing Petabyte-Scale Backup Windows


Topic: Managing backup windows with petabyte file volumes

- Duration: 12mn - Use case: University, 1PB small files 
- Keywords: FastScan, Incremental backup, Isilon, ECS

Welcome to "Atempo Talks Tech", a 10 to 15-minute video presentation format with a focus on everyday data protection needs and questions. Answering the challenges faced by customers in a casual conversation with technical overtones between Atempo staff and our partners. The session is centered on real use cases which navigate between the why and how Atempo technical features delivering the solution.


This session covers:

  • the reasons why many companies fail to protect their petabyte storages when using traditional backup approach - including why it is clear that NDMP backup technology has served its time,
  • the challenges of this specific use case - with a high daily change rate of 5% for protected files,
  • the methods used to successfully implement these backups,
  • additional benefits available in terms of cross-platform file restores.

Not enough time to listen in? You can see this blog post for more details.

More coming soon! Please don't hesitate to give us your feedback and share these video sessions.

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