Atempo Webinar: Large Data Migration, December 2018


Topic: MIGRATING petabyte file volumes

- Duration: 30mn - Use case: M&E customer with 5PB of large files to migrate 
- Keywords: FastScan, Incremental backup

Migrating unstructured file data between storages is complex and not without risk. Solutions such as rsync and robocopy do not always cover all requirements and can be time-consuming. In this webinar, Atempo's Ferhat Kaddour walks you through a use case and explains how Atempo software and services can help move and synchronize very large data sets between heterogeneous storage.

This webinar covers these 4 key questions:

  • How long would it take to migrate the content from my existing storage to a newer, more powerful NAS?
  • Can I migrate a massive amount of files without stopping storage access for my users?
  • How do I migrate user shares from one NAS to another and keep access rights fully intact after the migration?
  • Can I migrate millions of files, folders and links between two storage platforms of a different vendor or different technology?

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