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No cure for cybercriminality?


From a purely digital perspective, we are living in truly exciting times. As often with excitement, there is often an associated sense of danger. Profound changes in how humans communicate, learn, calculate and do business are drivers for so many high-tech projects. Innovation does immeasurable good for healthcare, the environment, education and industry. But in return for all these positives is the litany of digital abuse; data breaches, cyberattacks, non-respect of individual privacy, threats to the economic solidity and the sovereignty of corporate and public bodies.


Atempo and Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity ecosystem is today a major industry - or rather two parallel industries. One branch seeking to disrupt mainstream economies using sophisticated techniques for malicious financial gain, the other branch seeking to prevent these attacks through a panoply of solutions. The two branches are duking it out with increasing vigor.

No organization can claim indifference. No-one can claim immunity to very real threats to their business. The financial impact of cybercriminality on businesses, public authorities and individuals hit is slated to hit $6 trillion by 20211. This is the biggest transfer of economic wealth in history with gains far exceeding the global illegal drug trade.

Ransomware is the fast-growing cyber menace today. According to the French Group of Cybersecurity Experts, CESIN, ransomware is the most frequent form of cyberattack. 73 %  of companies received at least one ransom demand, 38 % suffered external fraud and 30 % data theft with Denial of Service requests (25%) website hacks (16%) also in the mix2.

Companies are obliged to massively increase their investments in security intelligence, data protection, perimeter controls and encryption to protect their assets from harm.

The Dutch philosopher Erasmus coined the phrase: “Prevention is better than the cure”.  It’s easily applicable to cybersecurity where it is clearly preferable to stop a cyber attacker from raiding your business than having to clean up the mess later. Unfortunately, we know that despite the battery of security tools available as ramparts, many threats get through the defenses and impact business operations and applications, network and data. The cure therefore is as crucial to an anti-cybercriminality arsenal as the prevention mechanisms in place.

A backup solution which effectively safeguards your business data ecosystems is an integral cyberprotection component. Atempo, alongside our extended cybersecurity partner network preserve your data with solutions to get you out of a tight spot!


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