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Miria (ADA) now gives unparalleled LTFS performance

ATEMPO gives unparalleled LTFS performance to its customers

NAPLES, Fla. USA / lundi 10 juin 2013

Atempo is announcing a new version of Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) giving unparalleled performance to its customers for the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) format with speeds that could not be achieved before. It does so on IBM and HP LTO5 and LTO6 tape media and for all the tape libraries supported by ADA (SpectraLogic, Quantum, HP, IBM, Oracle, Overland, etc.).

LTFS is a new file system format that allows data stored on Linear Tape Open (LTO) tapes to be easily accessed by a computer. LTFS format over LTO tape has become a requirement in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) market where it is now a standard for post-production companies delivering content to their customers or sub-contractors. However, this implies that they need to manage a stand-alone LTO drive in addition to their existing Archive tape library to be able to create the tape that will be sent out.

ADA customers can choose to base their whole archives on LTFS now. They couldn’t do it previously because existing LTFS drivers couldn’t deliver the speeds needed to move large and numerous files. That is why ATEMPO chose to create a whole new driver bringing up to 3 times higher writing speeds while maintaining a 100% compatibility with the LTFS standard.

Many M&E post-production companies are relying on ADA to protect their digital assets at ingest times or to archive automatically rich content, such as Video or Audio files, on a mix of data storages (tape libraries, disk arrays, cloud storage). This new capability of ADA to provide LTFS format within existing tape libraries, now enables these post-production companies to use their Archive infrastructure to simply and automatically create multiple LTFS LTO media and send them out in the delivery process to their customers and partners.

“As ADA is now delivering a new LTFS driver 100% standard compliant with the standard, our customers can leverage their existing tape libraries on varying flavors of operating systems to produce LTFS content,” says Armel Bilé, Atempo Digital Archive Product Manager.

“We also found a lot of interest for LTFS on the more traditional enterprise market also addressed by ADA,” says Robert Overzee, ATEMPO-Product Marketing Manager. “This open format and its simple access for the retrieval of data is appealing to companies wanting a long term archiving solution.”

About Atempo

Since 1992, Atempo provides business continuity solutions to secure and preserve essential business data for thousands of companies around the world. Our integrated suite of solutions include our market-leading data backup and disaster recovery suites (Time Navigator and Live Navigator) and our innovative archiving solution (Atempo-Digital Archive) which features intuitive retrieval interfaces and supports a broad scope of platforms. Based on high performance data movers, our solutions are extremely scalable. The Atempo products fit the data protection needs of midsized to petabyte scale businesses and large distributed enterprises. 

Atempo is headquartered south of Paris, France, with operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia; it has a sales and support network of over 100 resellers, partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) serving our customers worldwide. 
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