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Webinar Replay! - Atempo Tina 2021


In this webinar recorded during the launch of the Tina 2021 version, our teams describe the main evolutions added in this version. Many demos are available to you. The launch session can be viewed freely on demand.

Click below to watch the session:


  • Generic Virtualization Agent: A generic agent for hypervisors, which will accelerate the pace of support for new hypervisors and provide greater agility for maintenance.
  • GVA for OpenStack: Creation and management of backup images over time, rapid recovery of your entire environments, granular recovery of individual virtual machines.
  • Direct Backup to Cloud (S3): - demo - Support of Generic S3 protocol to use S3 type cloud or object storage as an economical alternative to tape.
  • Dell Powerscale (formerly Isilon) OneFS 9.1: - demo - Support for the latest version of OneFS at NDMP backup / restore level.
  • Decoupling and granularization of the catalog: Time saving in terms of any catalog reconstructions.
  • REST API: - demo - Integration of our product as a "black box" in an existing architecture, allowing to activate scripts or management of Tina with an external tool and to integrate and monitor backup operations from a central tool.
  • Evolution of user interfaces: Review of the main evolutions.

To read more, here is a reminder of the new evolutions brought by Tina 2020 including protection for Microsoft 365 environments.


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